lunes, 15 de febrero de 2010


rh037 I/C/O/C - Broken Metacarpus Like Stigmata cdr, 40 copies

rh041 Content Nullity

Horrible is proud to present the self-titled debut album by Content Nullity. A year in the making, this effort which lasts almost 80 minutes is a personal analysis of sexual frustration and despondency. From fragile isolational ambience to heavy harsh noise buried in pure undefined dread, this album pushes power electronics into many different regions of noise and industrial music. Expect monolithic droneworks, cut-up noise, razor sharp feedback filth, metal abuse and militant chain-on-steel percussion amongst outbursts of agitated and painful vocals, all twisted and regurgitated into one final outcome. Total avidity is represented amongst it all - with all of the mundane memories and obsessions in tact. "The way she would sit there curiously. Knowing exactly what every inch is like, from the way her hair falls upon her shoulders to the paleness of her feet. The smell of her skin, and the absolution as I push deeper into her. I need it all. I must have it all. Without it I am nothing." Includes contributions from BKPR, Textured Bird Transmission, Vilan Mai and Taeter. The mundane failure has risen and will return again...

rh044 Rusalka - Mother Insect Flesh

$8.50 ppd US/CAN/MEX
$10.50 ppd ROW


rh045 AeA - Apparitions C30
rh048 Metek - Episk Ljudkatastrof 2CDR
rh049 Granitkorridor - II C60
rh051 Dalit - Yajna CDR
rh052 Screwtape - Splitting the Atom CDR

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